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Park Pilot Interviews Joe Bok

As featured on page 66 in the Fall 2011 Park Pilot

Joe Bok, (pronounced Bock) owner of Aero Telemetry, spoke with Park Pilot’s Rachelle Haughn during the AMA’s 75th anniversary celebration. Joe and his team built the flyable scale airplanes flown in The Aviator, the motion picture released by Warner Brothers. Joe is a member of the AMA and resides in Los Angeles.

The AMA approached Joe and Aero Telemetry to build a half-scale H-1 Racer, similar to the one built for The Aviator. However, to be AMA legal, it had to weigh less than 125 pounds, posing a tremendous technical challenge to Joe and the Aero Telemetry staff. They redesigned the aircraft, using the latest space-age technology and materials to build it at the same size but at 300 pounds lighter than the H-1 flown in the movie.

Joe-Bok’s record-setting aircraft made its maiden flight and flew seven times during the AMA’s 75th Anniversary Celebration July 14-17. The H-1 Racer was piloted by AMA Competitions Department Director Greg Hahn. Greg has been in the hobby industry for 20 years, and is known for flying large, heavy and complex models. He has also been a very successful Top Gun and U.S. Scale Masters competitor for several years.

Read the entire interview in the Fall 2011 issue of Park Pilot.

You can also read more in the November 2011 issue of Model Aviation. and the entire interview at available in October 2011.


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