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Aero Telemetry specializes in electronic systems that support both manned and unmanned airborne systems. We also provide custom engineering services in support of our customers product development efforts which utilize our company's core telemetry-based technologies. In addition to our electronics capabilities, we have added composite manufacturing systems as a core competency. Contact us for your prototype and air vehicle fabrication needs.


The following is a partial list of our valued customers. These prestigious companies and organizations represent the most advanced and successful companies in the world. Aero Telemetry is Proud to be a part of their respective teams. 



  • United States Space Force

       Telemetry, Command, & Control Equipment


  • NASA Space Shuttle Program

       Airborne Telemetry Antennas

  • Northrop Aircraft Division
    Telemetry Receiver Logistics and Support


  • McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Division
    High Speed Parachute Recovery System


  • Lockheed Martin Aircraft Division
    Telemetry Receiver Logistics and Support


  • Boeing Satellite Systems (formerly Hughes Electronics)
    Telemetry Receiver Logistics and Support


  • Boeing Corporation
    X-48 Blended Wing Body UAV - Custom Landing Gear Fabrication


  • Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

  • ITT Corporation

  • Honeywell Corporation

  • NASA Wallops

  • SpaceX

  • Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
    Up-Link Amplifier

  • Cornell University
    Instrumentation Aircraft Telemetry System

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
    Payload Drop Aircraft Recovery Parachute

  • NASA
    Tactical Weather Sonde Long Range Data Link

  • Rockwell International Aircraft Division
    .85 Mach Experimental Drone Project Recovery Parachute

  • T.R.W. on the Hunter Short Range UAV
    Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft Telemetry System

  • United States Army Missile Command Center
    Tactical Missile Telemetry System

  • United States Navy VTOL UAV
    High Data-Rate, Flight Qualified Telemetry System

  • Naval Weapons Warfare Center
    Reconnaissance Helicopter Telemetry System

  • United States Air Force
    Airborne Telemetry Systems

  • Unmanned Reconnaissance Helicopter
    Miniature Telemetry System, Uplink Amplifier and Ground Station Antenna

  • The Aviator Unmanned Air Vehicles: Joe Bok and his team designed the flyable
    models used in the film The Aviator, three of which were the
    Hughes H-1 Racer, the Aviator XF-11, and Spruce Goose or H4 Hercules.

  • Reno Air Race Team
    11-Channel Digital Telemetry System

  • N.O.A.A. Weather Reporting System
    Uplink Amplifiers and Ground Station Antennas 


  • Alliant Tech Systems Outrider Program
    Tactical UAV Flight Data Telemetry System

  • Sandia National Laboratories
    High Altitude UAV Voice Communications Relay System

  • Office of Naval Research
    Atmospheric Research Vehicle - ATC Repeater System

  • P.I. Corporation High Altitude UAV
    Airborne Telemetry System with Flight Control Payload System

  • U.S. Naval Surface Weapons Center
    Airborne Telemetry System

  • Cal Tech - California Institue of Technology
    High Altitude Atmospheric Research Vehicle Voice Relay System

  • General Atomics - Predator UAV
    Long Range Data Link and Voice Relay Systems

  • Heli Jet Corporation
    Airborne Payload Telemetry System

  • Scaled Composites

       Flight Qualified Control Systems Hardware Stratolaunch


  • Buffalo Airways

  • Airbus Defence & Space


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