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XF-11 Flights

Click here to see the video of our XF-11 model in flight.

The Aviator XF-11, like the H-1 Racer built by Aero Telemetry, was flown at two separate locations.  The first would be at the San Bernardino Airport on November 21, 2003, the second was almost 3 months later at Catalina Island 26 miles off the coast of California.

The San Bernardino Airport was previously known as Norton Air Force Base. The base was named after a US Army Air Force Captain Leland Francis Norton who was killed during a mission in World War Two.  The airport and has an awesome 10,000 main runway that was once used by huge US Air Force C-141 transport planes.

The Hughes XF-11 replica was set-up in a monstrous hanger that was decorated to resemble a Hughes Aircraft Hanger from the 1940's. The Aero Telemetry aerial effects team worked through the night and into the next day to have the huge model ready for its history making flight attempt.

Although the XF-11 flew twice that day, it was a grey overcast sky that prevented any of that footage from being used in the film sequences.

For the second set of flights, the XF-11 would be flown at Catalina Island on February 29, 2004. The island is remote and provided excellent backdrops for both aerial and ground based film cameras. The Catalina Airport, also known as the "Airport in the Sky", is located at the island's highest elevation of 1,602 ft. The higher altitude however required the XF-11 to have as much power as possible to climb out under full load at higher than normal density altitudes.

The Aviator XF-11 was piloted by two FAA licensed pilots, Billy Hemple and Joe Bok. Billy and Joe, acting as co-pilot, flew the XF-11 at both Norton AFB and the Catalina Island Airport flight locations.

As a fitting testimony to how amazing the Aero Telemetry flyable models really were, shots of our XF-11 flying were featured in the theatrical and television trailers for the movie The Aviator, in addition to making it into the behind the scenes film, "A Life Without Limits, The Making of The Aviator"

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