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The Hughes XF-11 Design & Build

The Aviator XF-11 replica designed and built by Aero Telemetry had a wingspan of almost 30 ft.  Because of its size and weight the model performed exactly as a full-size aircraft would and provided the cameras with spectacular, stunning, and realistic flight sequences.

To counteract any unexpected flight behavior or tendency for The Aviator XF-11 to yaw (move right or left) because of gyroscopic precession, Aero Telemetry decided to have each of the engines and propellers turn opposite each other to cancel out the energy created by the rotating propellers. 

The original XF-11, designed by Howard Hughes and his talented engineering staff, incorporated several ingenious designs to allow the airplane to exceed it's original mission profile. Like Howard Hughes and his team, Joe Bok and his engineering staff incorporated several ingenious designs into their version of the XF-11.

The aerodynamic profile of the wing, engine thrust-lines, CG location, main airfoil angle of attack, incidence angles (between wing and horizontal stabilizer), counter-rotating propellers, and vertical stabilizer offset angles were just a few of the critical design criteria addressed and implemented correctly by the Aero Telemetry engineering design team. All these specific details contributed directly to the success and margin of safety exemplified in all the flights of the Aero Telemetry XF-11.