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 The Aero Telemetry DRV Series™ airborne data downlink systems are lightweight, portable systems that can be used to accurately acquire, transmit, and record engine and airframe performance criteria during the flight, in real-time. They are fully integrated and very user friendly. Also, they are capable of upgradeability in terms of number and type of analog inputs, range of operation, data rate, and are easily set up for high reliability, fixed base, remote data acquisition applications. Advanced users benefit from downlink system capability to process receive data and uplink commands from a ground station. GPS and variable power L or S-band video and data RF sections with supporting equipment are also available as options for advanced users. RF section supports full-color, NTSC video and telemetry data rates to 150 kHz. Other RF sections available with data rates to 30 MBPS. Call for details.

» Fully Integrated Airborne PCM Telemetry Data Link
» Complete Air-Data Sensor Package
» COTS/Non-Developmental Item
» Easily Custom Configured
» Complete Ground Station Software and Support Systems
» NTSC Full Color Video Optional
» Telemetry Data Rates to 150 KHz