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H1 Racer Engine Testing

Aero Telemetry used a 360cc, two-stroke, two-cylinder, 30hp engine to power the H1 Racer replica.  The engineers also designed a special exhaust system and modified the carburetor to squeeze more power from it. Due to the weight of the plane, the first engine chosen for the model was entirely too small and had to removed and replaced over the weekend before the airplanes first flight. The engine that flew the H1 racer was heavily modified to provide maximum output to power the heavy airplane. For the first flight the propeller was a 3-blade, fixed pitch, 48 inch  Ivo-Prop Propeller that had to be cut down slightly due to ground clearance issues. It over-ran on the engine during the first flight and although it successfully flew the Hughes H1 Racer it was replaced after the flight with an in-flight adjustable, variable pitch propeller of 48 inches in diameter. This proved to be the perfect fit and the Aero Telemetry H1 Racer really flew like the real one. Fast, loud, big, and beautiful...that was the H1 Racer flown for filming the aerial sequences for the movie The Aviator on November 17th, 2003 by the Aero Telemetry Aerial Effects Team.