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Flyaway Triband SATCOM

This 1.2 meter flyaway triband satellite terminal provides proven tri-band converter technology in a ruggedized configuration.


The system contains C, X and Ku-band converter sub-assemblies that share a common power supply and crystal reference. The converter is included with a remote RS-232 port that controls the power levels (up converter), frequency settings, status, and fault monitoring.

The system also includes a 1.2 meter antenna with an easy to assemble, free standing, tripod mount. The antenna package comes with three preassembled, complete antenna feed systems (feed, polarizer, OMT, reject filters and LNA). The highly modular configuration allows easy setup and operation within 30 minutes. Once operational, changing from one band to another only takes 10 minutes.

The tri-band TWTA high power amplifier is packaged to be mounted outdoors adjacent to the converter. Also provided is an antenna mounting kit which attaches to the antenna tripod leg.



Each VSAT terminal is packaged in four airline transportable, ruggedized containers. The antenna, mount and feed systems come in three containers. The TWTA and the up and down converter assemblies are in a single container. All of the containers weigh less than 200 lbs.

» C, X and Ku-band
» Transportable on commercial airlines
» Output power levels 60W and 100W
» Complete system provided in 9 transit cases each weighing less than 100 lbs.


Antenna Size: 1.2 Meter
Antenna Tx gain: 35.3 dBi
Antenna Rx gain: 32 dBi
G/T: 12 dB/K
Max EIRP: 54.6 dBw
HPA Output Power: 100 watts
IF Frequency: 70 MHz ±20 MHz

Antenna Size: 1.2 Meter
Antenna Tx gain: 38.3 dBi
Antenna Rx gain: 37.6 dBi
G/T: 16 dB/K
Max EIRP: 56.7 dBw
HPA Output Power: 120 watts
IF Frequency: 70 MHz ±20 MHz

Antenna Size: 1.2 Meter
Antenna Tx gain: 43.2 dBi
Antenna Rx gain: 41.6 dBi
G/T: 19.1 dB/K
Max EIRP: 60.2 dBw
HPA Output Power: 80 watts
IF Frequency: 70 MHz ±20 MHz