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Aviator XF-11

From the Company that brought you the Planes of the Aviator, Aero Telemetry, comes the next chapter in our Hughes Aircraft Trilogy. The 30 ft wingspan XF-11.

Aero Telemetry and Joe Bok have created the world's largest, most historically accurate and detailed scale model of the Hughes XF-11.

Working with notable artist, author, & historian Mike Machat; Walter Boyne former director of the National Air and Space Museum; and several ex-Hughes Aircraft employees, Joe Bock and his team of Aviators were given access to "never before seen" photographs and original Hughes Aircraft blueprints detailing the intricacies of the complex and graceful XF-11. They have turned this information into one of the most sophisticated and beautiful model airplanes ever built.

And so begins the life of the latest Aero Telemetry XF-11.

Over the years, several of the original crew members from the Aero Telemetry team involved with The Aviator project have wanted to design, build and fly a new version of the XF-11 that featured an authentic all-metal wing, scale size radial engines, functioning counter-rotating propellers, and a fuselage/boom design that is as historically correct as possible.

"We really wanted to be able to build that airplane on our own terms without regard for the compressed schedule and distractions we had during that project", said Butch Fleck. Butch was a key crew member for Aero Telemetry during The Aviator project.

Joe’s team has used many of the innovations the Aero Telemetry team developed for the latest version of the H-1 Racer (a half-scale airplane weighing in at an amazing 122lbs!) for this revision of The Aviator XF-11.