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Airplanes of The Aviator

The H1 Racer was designed, built and flown by the Aero Telemetry team for the movie The Aviator. This beautiful airplane was built to simulate the World Speed Record attempt that Howard Hughes made in 1935 at Santa Ana, California.

Constructed of wood and composite material, the H-1 Racer used a 360cc, twin-cylinder engine turning a variable pitch propeller.  The amazing half scale plane was designed from scratch, built and flown in less than 8 weeks.


The XF-11 designed for The Aviator by Aero Telemetry was the world's largest scale model of the Hughes XF-11. It was flown several times at both Norton Air Force Base and Catalina Island Airport.  The terrain at Catalina provided a historically accurate picture of the way Los Angeles looked back in the 1940's.

Flown from the main runway and filmed from a helicopter, the Aero Telemetry XF-11 provided the cameras with some of the most amazing aerial shots ever caught on film.


The Aero Telemetry designed Spruce Goose was the largest electric powered scale model ever built. Using 8 gear-reduced electric motors, the H4 Hercules or Spruce Goose, as it is more affectionately known,  flew in the exact location as the original one did almost 57 years later in the Long Beach Harbor. 

The clever use of forced perspective photography and the size of the radio controlled airplane made the flying sequences very believable.