Web-ER uses its patented IP-enabled chipset technology to create (capture, deliver, and display) human biometric performance and physiological data. Specifically, Web-ER technology fuses real-time biometric information with digital wireless technology:

The integrated chip , processes, transmits, receives, records and displays live physiological data from a user directly to the Internet - all in real-time.

Multiple types of sensors are available for a comprehensive set of vital statistics.

NO invasive techniques are used.

All sensors operate by simple epidermal contact.

anyone into his or her own health-related wireless Internet website. Operates as a remote URL using a miniaturized chip small enough to be embedded in a wristband.

Embedded sensors transform any person's vital statistics into immediately deliverable content or can be used for "store-and-forward" operations.

Health professionals have instant access to any patient's vitals via the Internet--enabling remote diagnoses before a patient arrives.

Unlimited "websites" available for real-time data display--each installed system capable of monitoring up to 2,000 subjects within a specific Wireless Local Area Network.

a real-time stream of Internet Protocol (IP) enabled high-speed, high-bandwidth (up to 45MBPS and rising) data from multiple remote sensors over large distances to any type of display mechanism.

Uses our proprietary radio frequency wireless telemetry technology developed for use in harsh military applications to transmit information in real-time.

Transmissions are fully encrypted with military specification technology, ensuring maximum security and reliability.

Proprietary TCP/IP protocols embedded within the hardware and software operating systems transmit data directly to the Internet allowing for full compatibility.

Compatibility with most Internet browsers including Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer for client-side display or Windows CE interactive devices.


As "libraries" of historical content are accumulated, additional value can be created for the health and medical industries including:

Statistics can be accessed and reviewed by researchers to study possible trends or causal relationships with particular conditions and ailments or medical incidents.

Biometric data including heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, blood glucose, et cetera for each user can be monitored and viewed to show long-term changes. Also, short-term or acute incidents such as exercise or angina can be reviewed and contrasted against other comparable incidents.

Physicians can instantly access a patient's vitals and compare them to that person's recorded history for accurate diagnoses.


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