...as a man collapses into full cardiac arrest, clutching his chest, the ambulance arrives? Alerted before the attack even began, paramedics arrive on the scene. Armed with the man's vital signs, medical treatment is immediate and specific .

...an elderly diabetic woman is monitored round-the-clock without the aid or expense of a private nurse? Her daily blood-oxygen levels, mobility, and blood pressure are charted; and as her glucose and insulin levels become dangerously unbalanced, both she and her family are alerted.

...a physician follows a teenage asthmatic during football practice without leaving his office? When the player's heart rate increases and his respiration becomes rapid and shallow, he is reminded to take another dose of medicine. An asthma attack is prevented before it begins.

...patients' physiological and biometric history were available for real-time trend analysis? Health care providers could make more accurate diagnoses factoring in recent histories of heart rate, blood pressure, blood O2,altitude, et cetera.

Web-ER's patented IP-enabled chipset technology connects patients to doctors like never before. Using our wireless computer chips, real-time data is gathered from a patient and then transmitted directly to the Internet. With no wires, costly medical equipment, office visits or hospital stays required. It's all designed to improve the quality of healthcare by making it more personal and more efficient.



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