Web-ER Technology is fully developed and available for licensing. Virtually unlimited applications can be created through this patented and innovative technology. Once the data is acquired the possibilities are endless, from a live broadcast event to a real-time webcast. This wireless convergent data chipset works seamlessly with existing systems, and uses standard interface protocols that allow it to be deployed quickly and inexpensively across multiple platforms .

Now, the rules of time and space no longer apply. Patients will be monitored without cumbersome medical devices. Life-threatening emergencies will be predicted and prevented. Independence will be restored to those who thought they'd lost it forever. For as the quality of healthcare improves, so does the quality of life.

Using our patented wireless Internet-enabled chip technology (small enough to be embedded in a wristband), human biometric performance and physiological data can be gathered and delivered instantaneously to the Internet. With Browser built-in biometrics,patients can receive their wrist-band biometric monitors from a large Internet service provider, such as AOL or Earthlink, and view their current and past medical data. The system could be linked to an automated health advisor which would make recommendations based on the users medical history and common medical/health knowledg

With ourAssisted Care Living Monitoring Tool, many patients can leave their nursing home beds behind them. They'll gain the ability to roam wherever they want, while their location and physiological date is monitored within the facility.

E-Triage can instantly connect patients experiencing a medical incident to their physician or hospital. Any user, regardless of location, could be diagnosed by a health professional as though they were in the Emergency Room. Emergency medical technicians could be dispatched or an alternative treatment would be advised. The system also offers more cost-efficient healthcare for the patient, hospital, and insurance company by recognizing false alarms early enough to avoid costly medical tests.

Web-ER's two-way chip communication makes it possible for a user to be notified by an early warning medical alarm any time their biometrics indicate onset of a medical incident. Data could be monitored for anomalies such as arrhythmia or brady/tachycardia, which would trigger the system. Such an alarm could be enough to prevent a person from exacerbating an already harmful situation. Also, with minimal investment in infrastructure, it is possible to build a system such that any detected incident would automatically be seen by Emergency Medical Services, with vitals, heart-rate waveform, and location data included. An unconscious stroke or heart-attack victim wearing our wristband would be automatically sent for.


While this all may sound like a dream for the future, it's already a proven reality. Our healthcare monitoring systems have been used by the United States military to track the location and vital signs of combat troops in real combat situations. Now, the same technology that saved soldiers lives, can save patient's lives, and is destined to forever change the way healthcare is delivered.

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