VectorSports uses its proprietary GoLive! Sports Telemetry Technology to create (capture, deliver and display) both human and technological performance content. Specifically, VectorSports fuses real time performance with digital wireless technology:

processes, transmits, receives, records and displays live performance data from an athlete or vehicle directly to the viewer via the Internet – all in real time.

Multiple types of sensors available for a wide variety of applications

NO trucks, racks of equipment, or teams of specialized personnel required

anyone or thing into his/her/its own wireless Internet website and operates as a remote URL utilizing ultra-miniaturized chips small enough to be embedded in equipment or worn as wristbands

Embedded sensors transform any athlete, vehicle, or remote target into immediately deliverable content

Unlimited "websites" available for real-time data display (i.e. each athlete is his/her own URL)

a real time stream of Internet Protocol (IP) enabled high-speed, high-bandwidth (up to 35MBPS) data from multiple remote sensors over large distances to any type of display mechanism.

Uses proprietary radio frequency wireless telemetry technology to transmit information in real-time

Proprietary TCP/IP protocols embedded within the hardware and software operating systems transmit data directly to the internet allowing for full Internet compatibility

Compatibility with most Internet Browsers including Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer for client-side display or WIndows CE interactive device "libraries" of historical content are accumulated, additional value can be created for the sports fan including:

Historical and comparative STATISTICS.

Statistics can be accessed and reviewed by the individual viewer at any time. When enhanced digital television is a reality, viewers can point and click on any player at any time to obtain performance and statistical information (every player has his/her own IP address).

Data to develop VIDEO GAMES.

Performance data including location, speed, acceleration and biometrics for each player through the duration of the game can be used to recreate and simulate specific games, plays or player performance.

Promote MARKETING and BUSINESS decisions.

Agents, team management, and marketing companies sponsoring athletes can obtain data related to viewer interest for a particular player.

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