...being a football released from a quarterback's hand, seeing the field as you fly through the air, measuring the impact as you land in a reciever's hand, watching yourself carried into the endzone, feeling the force as you're spiked to the ground, and having a front-row seat for a touchdown victory dance.

...seeing a boxer's adrenaline rise, watching his elevated heart rate, his intense breathing, and the tension in his muscles, then measuring the real-time force of the impact as he delivers a right hook to his opponent.

...learning the angles a pro-golfer uses to sink the winning shot, tracking the distance, measuring the force, and calculating the speed the very moment the club connects, or following players along a course and comparing their past accuracy and skill.

...that none of this is limited to mere imagination.

Vector Sports Go Live! Sports Telemetry technology makes it real. Using our wireless computer chips, real-time data is gathered from an athlete, a vehicle or remote target. Then the information is transmitted instantly to the Internet, the sidelines, or even a broadcast control room. No cameras, wires, or crews are required. It's all designed to allow fans to get as close to the action as possible.

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