was developed for the Sports Entertainment markets - including motorsports, football, hockey, boxing, wrestling, horse racing, etc. Our targeted customers include broadcast television networks, leagues, franchise owners, and athletes. These markets provide us with an exciting customer base that is "ready to move" and in need of new content to enhance their own competitive advantage and market share. Our technology enables them to provide substantially enhanced viewing of live televised sporting events via the Internet, Interactive Television, and standard broadcast Television.

Wireless proprietary data acquisition, high-speed wireless communications systems design, and mixed signal ASIC development form our teams core competency. Our proprietary Go Live! Sports Telemetry Technology provides users with a chip that is readily applied to multiple platforms- televised sports broadcasts, web-TV, or standard internet browsers. Customized chipsets are available within weeks and require no expensive hardware or software packages to integrate, refine, and maintain.

Our strong military background provides us with the capability to deliver mission-critical, high-reliability, wireless data acquisition ASIC's and systems manufactured to Mil-Q-9858A rigid military quality standards. We maintain a Department of Defense Secret clearance at our Southern California Advanced Design and Development Center.

Our innovative technology was designed to command, control, and communicate to and from unmanned air vehicles (UAV's) for use in battlefield reconnaisance missions and for flight testing purposes to record G-force, position, velocity and missile impact information.

By combining our extensive experience with wireless sensor design, video/data telemetry systems design, and embedded wireless Internet convergent data systems development, VectorSports has created a technology that is radically different and out-performs anything available on the market today.

The future of spectator sports has arrived, fully developed, packaged, and available for licensing now!


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