Vector Sports Technology is fully developed and available for licensing. Virtually unlimited applications can be created through this patented and innovative technology. Once the data is acquired the possibilities are endless, from a live broadcast event to a real-time webcast. This wireless convergent data chipset works seamlessly with existing systems, and uses standard interface protocols that allow it to be deployed quickly and inexpensively across multiple platforms.

Starting now, the rules of time and space no longer apply. Sports entertainment has entered the next level. A level so intense that the play-by-play will be delivered by the athletes themselves--through their pulses, their muscles and their movements. Those who thought they knew everything about the game are about to realize they've just scratched the surface. For now, sports will be delivered from the inside out.

Our wireless Internet chipset is small enough to be embedded in a player's shoulder pad or helmet. Physical and performance data for any athlete or any object can be gathered and delivered around the world instantaneously via the Internet. From a player's heart rate to his or her speed and position, or even the sheer force of an impact, fans will be closer to the game than ever before.

While this might sound like a work of science fiction, it's already a proven reality. This exact multiple target system has been deployed and is currently being used. We have designed this system to be used by the US military to monitor the location and vital signs of combat troops in real combat situations. Now, we're taking this technology from the battlefield to the playing field, creating a revolution destined to revolutionize the world of sports entertainment.

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