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Typical Tacmet Software Display Screens

The Tactical Meteorological (TACMET) System can be used to improve the accuracy of tactical air drops and high altitude, air-launched cruise missiles by employing a dropsonde atmospheric profiling system. The TACMET system provides real-time atmospheric sensing capabilities and allows the user at the man-portable, fire-control and command center to remotely control the air-release of multiple dropsondes from the under-wing pod located on the host aircraft. Release information and real-time, vertical and horizontal weather profile data, is then telemetered to the ground station via the Aero Telemetry DLS-1000 Series™ long range data link.

Dropsonde operating distances were typically more than 100 nautical miles. The dropsondes sense air temperature, pressure, relative humidity, wind speed, and wind direction. They are augmented with GPS information as they drop to earth. In addition, a horizontal weather profile is generated by the host aircraft's payload pod and recorded along with the vertical weather profiles.

Additionally the system has been used to aid U.S. Army personnel in determining weather conditions and winds aloft during artillery exercises. The weather data from the TACMET airborne unit is telemetered in real-time to the remote fire-control and command center. Computers then factor the weather and winds aloft data into trajectory calculations as fire-corrections that are immediately sent back to the artillery battery.