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Spruce Goose Motors

Because of the constaints of not being able to start a gas engine in the water (easily) or being allowed to have anything protruding our of the engine nacelles, it was decided that electric motors would have to power the huge model.

Don Holfeldt,  Walt Cloer, and George Peters, all local RC electric motor experts, were brought onboard by Joe Bok to help with the motor selection for the Spruce Goose.  This team of motor experts assisted the Aero Telemetry team in coming up with the design of the high level system and helped implement and test the motors during the project.

When the time came to fly the Aero Telemetry Spruce Goose the motors and corresponding flight systems performed flawlessly. The power provided by these small motors was postively awesome. The H-4 Hercules featured starboard engines turning clockwise and the port-wing engines running counterclockwise for directional stability during take-off and flight.