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Wright R-3350 Engine

Two-stage supercharger...fuel injected...turbocharged. No doubt one of the most powerful radial engines ever produced, the Turbo-Compound R-3350-93 built by the Wright Aeronautical Division produces over 3500 HP.  This particular engine came from a Lockheed L-1649 Super Constellation owned by Howard Hughes and TWA.

Everyone on the Aero Telemetry team was excited to work on this model R-3350 engine due to the fact that it was one of the last serial number engines to come off the Wright Aeronautical engine assembly line.  This engine represents the highest level of development of the radial piston engine before the switch to gas turbines for both military and commercial aerospace applications.

The Aero Telemetry team was able to bring to life this incredible and historically significant engine that had been sitting silent for almost 50 years.