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AT-S3™ Series Airborne SATCOM

The AT-S3™ fully integrated portable SATCOM system offers a highly versatile video, voice, and data satellite communications data link that can operate from an airborne platform to a geo-synchronous satellite and back to an earth station. The AT-S3™ is capable of high speed, high data rate (up to 15MBps) uplink/downlink communications.

It features the ASATS™ high-speed, bi-directional, airborne satellite tracking antenna Ku-band satellite data link system, capable of pointing accuracies of ±1°.

The airborne system components are lightweight and modular. The earth terminal systems can also be modular or rack mounted and both are configured for rapid deployment. Call for additional details.

» ASATS™ (Airborne Satellite Antenna Tracking System)
» High-speed, bi-directional video, voice, data
» Ku-band satellite data link system