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10 MBPS High Speed Micro Miniature PCM Telemetry System

REF: DAQ-1010
» 12 bit resolution
» Expandable to 256 high level single ended inputs
» Bi-Level, differential, and single ended inputs
» 6 pole, programmable, Butterworth or Bessel Anti-aliasing low pass filters
» Thick film hybrid construction


Operating Temperature: -20° C to +70° C
Storage Temperature: -54° C to +125° C
Vibration: 20 G's, 5 Hz to 2 KHz, 3 Axes
Shock: 1/2 Sine, 50 G's, 11 mS, 3 Axes
Acceleration: 100 G's, 3 Axes
Altitude: Unlimited
Humidity: To 95% at 50° C
Size: 11 cu. in. package (64 channel)
Weight: 14 oz. maximum

Inputs: 32, 64, 96, 128, etc. channels of single ended or differential 24 bits of bi-level single ended 0 to 5 volts, TTL/CMOS threshold Channels provided in increments of 32 differential or 64 single ended. Additional Bi-level channels are optional.
Bit Rate: Selected from internal divided down oscillator or external clock 8 internal bit rates programmable up to 10 MBPS
Bit Rate Accuracy: ±0.05% over temperature
Input Impedance: 1M(omega) minimum shunted by 20 pf max.
Output Codes: NRZ-L, NRZ-M, NRZ-S, BIO-L, BIO-M, BIO-S, DM-M, DM-S, and RNRZ-L (Randomized Data)
Other Outputs: 0° clock out, NRZ-L out, frame sync out, word sync out, (0 to +5 V CMOS/TTL)
Power Requirements: +28 VDC ±4 VDC at 400 mA max.
Voltage Protection: ±35 VDC will not damage the unit
Downlink Capability: Direct RS-232 or RS-422 input

Downlink Capability: Serial bytes input and buffered at rates up to 1 MBPS with an external serial data clock
DVM Mode: Easy system debug when connected to the PC
Pre Modulation Filter: Housing contains connector and mounting slot for pre-modulation filter