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The Aero Telemetry DLS-1000 Series™ data link system provides a bi-directional RS-232 or RS-485 link from the air vehicle to a ground station data processing computer. This long range wireless data link has been used to implement a Tactical Meteorological System (TACMET) flight tested on the Predator UAV. The TACMET system provided real-time atmospheric sensing capabilities and allowed the user at the man-portable, fire-control and command center to remotely control the air-release of multiple dropsondes from the under-wing pod located on the host aircraft. Release information and real-time weather profile data was then telemetered to the ground station via the DLS-1000 Series™ long range data link. Dropsonde operating distances were typically more than 100 nautical miles.

Aero Telemetry has also supported an agency sponsored
bi-directional data link that consisted of DLS-1000 Series™ transceiver hardware, airborne and remote ground station antenna systems, flight data interface modules, and all peripheral sub-system components for a similar project using a manned F-16 combat aircraft. This system has been in successful operation since its deployment in July of 1996. System operating distances were typically more than 180 nautical miles.

» Up to 200 Nautical Mile Range
» Man Portable Ground Station
» Air-Ground, Ground-Air
» RS-232/RS-485 Data Link