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H1 Racer Design & Build

The H1 Racer's wing not only had to be strong but also large enough to accommodate a custom set of hydraulic landing gear. 

Aero Telemetry used a 360cc, two-stroke, two-cylinder, 30hp engine to power the H1 Racer replica.  The engineers also designed a special exhaust system and modified the carburator to squeeze more power from it.

Spruce Goose

The Hughes XF-11

Cockpit Restoration

One of the more interesting projects we finished was the meticulous restoration of a historically significant C-131 Cockpit for a movie. Every gauge and switch had to be perfect and match the original photos. 

This particular C-131 could trace its history back to Dwight Eisenhower who used the airplane as his personal transport aircraft. It was "Air Force One" before that  became the standard for Presidential Air Travel.

Flight Termination Systems and UAV Recovery Parachute Systems

Sometimes losing all your expensive electronics on your UAV is not an option. Never a 100% failsafe option (due to the infinite number of possible failures) the implementation of a parachute recovery system is one way to save  the airframe and onboard components if there is an in-flight emergency. We have designed two basic types for both active and passive deployment.

Aero Telemetry has provided several different types and styles of Parachute Recovery Systems that have been implemented on many different unmanned air vehicle projects.

Space Shuttle Antenna

NASA Space Shuttle Program contracted with Aero Telemetry to provide telemetry antennas for one of its vehicles. The antenna's were successfully deployed in an array under the ceramic tiles on the underside of the shuttle. They played an important role in the telemetry data link for the Space Shuttle mission. The entire Aero Telemetry team was extremely proud to have contributed in a small way to the extraordinary effort and accomplishments of the United States Space Shuttle Program.

Custom UAV Design

This custom UAV  was designed by Aero Telemetry for a customer that required a strong and reliable unmanned air vehicle that could be flown easily from unimproved locations and provide heavy-lift capabilities as a flying test-bed for advanced avionics systems. The fuselage of the UAV breaks down for easy transport.

Boeing X-48

One of the most exciting and high profile UAV's flying today is the Boeing X-48 Blended Wing Body or BWB.  Designed by Boeing in conjunction with NASA Dryden the X-48 has performed flawlessly over the past few years gathering critical flight data to help refine the BWB aerodynamic and control system design.