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Landing Gear Design

Aero Telemetry has designed and fabricated hydraulically actuated  landing gear for several unique unmanned air vehicle projects.

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Aero Telemetry's design team are experts at designing and fabricating landing gear (both fixed and retractable) for medium and large size Unmanned Air Vehicles. Our landing gear designs have been used on several high profile, mission critical  UAV projects such as the Boeing / NASA X-48 Blended Wing Body. Our retractable landing gear systems are typically designed for UAV airframes weighing more than 200 lbs. Our largest retractable system, which is a proven design, is capable of operating with airframes as heavy as 3000 lbs.

Our latest UAV landing gear designs feature lightweight, low current draw, low EMI, fully integrated 12/24 VDC, high-precision linear actuators.

Each landing gear set  presented its own design challenges and had to be delivered in a very short time frame, typically less than 60 days ARO. The Aero Telemetry R&D team has a proven track record at being able to consistently deliver a high quality and precise product  on-time and within budget.

Click Here to see our Heavy Duty Landing Gear Systems.

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