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Other Projects

Uplink Transmitter

UHF Frequency band uplink transmitter conversion kit for JR, Futaba and Airtronics radios.

5W UHF frequency synthesized radio system for UAV's,  requires FCC license. 





Landing Gear for UAVs

Hydraulic retractable landing gear assemblies for Unmanned Air Vehicles up to 5,000 lbs. Contact us for details.





Airborne GPS Antenna

Aero Telemetry's new ruggedized L1 / L2 Airborne GPS Antenna with increased gain at low elevation levels.   Currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.




Inline Twin, Diesel Engine

Aero Telemetry has designed and built a new 273cc inline twin cylinder, supercharged, high-altitude, diesel power plant for midsize UAVs.





Airborne Blade Antennas & PCB Stripline Antennas

Aero Telemetry completes multi-unit, multi-year extreme environment airborne blade antenna contract. PCB stripline antennas used for downlink systems during flight operations of aviator movie airplanes; XF-11, Spruce Goose, and H1 Racer. Placement of stripline PCB base unit inside of vertical stabilizer remained hidden during filming affording no outward effect on appearance.





TAC-MET Weather Station

Tactical Meteorological Remote Weather Monitoring Station.




K2 Expedition BIO / GPS Telemetry Device

Aero Telemetry's handheld K2 Expedition has scaled up the face of Mt. Everest and trekked across the deserts of Morocco. This compact unit monitors your pulse rate and SpO2 levels as well as your exact location with its onboard GPS transceiver.



Ground Stations

VME/PC based UAV Command / Control uplink with pilot / observer consoles and PCM Telemetry Ground Station hardware.





Airborne Telemetry Systems

MIL qualified, 30 channel, airborne, PCM System.


Ground Based Telemetry Systems

Telemetry Receivers, Diversity Combiners and PCM Bit Synchronizers.