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DRV Series™

The Aero Telemetry DRV Series™ airborne PCM telemetry data link was designed specifically for use on Unmanned Air Vehicles. This entry level integrated air-flight data package provides UAV operators with a reliable and cost effective telemetry downlink.

Features include a proven L or S-band telemetry transmitter and receiver. Virtual "turn-key" data telemetry communication downlink system designed for error free operation in severe multipath environments. Up to 100 user accessible analog and digital data input channels, a fully integrated graphics software package, and various integrated data sensors. Variant of this system employed by joe bok on the aviator XF-11. Our sub-systems product line supports all of the telemetry systems including such items as directional and tracking antennas with controllers, microwave transmitters and receivers, and stabilized airborne video camera mounting systems. The software for the data-logger display and graphical user interface is very user friendly and compatible with all standard PC's. It allows the user to make graphs of the saved data and also allows the data to be reviewed at various speeds in the playback mode.

Other options include fully integrated GPS waypoint navigation receive station software. Linear power amplifiers available at most frequencies to 100 watts. Call for more information on your particular application.

REF: DRV-1000
» Low cost, fully integrated PCM telemetry data link for UAV's
» Fully compatible with onboard control systems and auto pilots
» Integrated sensor package available
» Complete ground support software suite with everything needed to support in-flight operations
» System design enables user to operate UAV in IFR conditions

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Airspeed (1000 Series)
Airspeed (Mil-Std Series)
Analog Inputs
Climb/Descent Rate
Engine rpm
Engine rpm
Heading RMS
Ground Speed
Servo Position
Measuring Range
0 - 50 g full scale
0.85 Mach
20 - 200 knots
0 - 60,000 feet
0 - 5V single ended
4.10 - 30.00 in. Hg
0 - 20,000 feet
1,000 to 150,000 rpm
100 to 30,000 rpm
0° to 360°
NMEA0183 Standard Data
0 - 300 mph
±50° angle
±50° angle
±45° angle
-328° F to 2298° F
0 - 300 psi
0 - 40 volts
0.10 g's
1% accuracy
0.10 knots
±10 feet
0.10 Volt
0.01 in. Hg.
±10 - 20 feet
1% accuracy
1% accuracy
12 channel accuracy
5 mph
1° F
0.01 psi
0.30 Volts