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DLS-1000 Series™

The bit rate of the data provided by the DLS-1000 Series™ is adjustable from 9600 Baud through 128 KBaud in the simplex mode. Using the optional linear amplifiers, up to 100W, the system can provide error free transmission of critical data to approximately 200 nautical miles. Modified version of downlink used with miniature PCB antenna used by joe bok during flight test operations of the Aviator H1 hughes racer and XF-11 flyable models. The DLS-1000™ airborne components consist of a ISM-384/485 Series™ Full Duplex Modem, proprietary Spread Spectrum transmitter, amplifier, and matching antenna that is configured as an omni-directional, vertically polarized, blade.

The DLS-1000 Series™ ground station terminal is remote and man-portable. It includes an omni-directional antenna coupled to a high gain grid or yagi complete with low noise pre-amplifier, an L-Band fixed frequency receiver, and an ISM-384/485 Series™ Full Duplex Modem.

Additional specifications and mechanical drawings are furnished in the subsystem components section of this catalog. Call for details.

REF: DLS-1000
» 200 nautical mile data link system
» Air/ground bi-directional data link
» Ground station is remote and man portable


Ground Station LRM-20W Amplifier with internal 20 dB LNA



Miniature Airborne Blade Antenna (1.5" Height)



Mission Technologies, Inc. Vixen, Flight Test UAV




Ground Station Directional Antenna Array