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Cross-X Series™ High Speed Flight Termination Parachute Systems

» Onboard battery fails (fail safe mode fire)
» Uplink Radio interference (fail safe mode fire)
» Control surface mechanical failure
» Engine failure away from field
» Control surface servo failure
» Control loss from stalls or spins
» Can be deployed without the use of ballistics and at slow speed
» Can be programmed into fail safe mode in case of control loss
» Active drogue chute is spring loaded
» Pyrotechnic timing devices available
» Pyrotechnic cutting devices available


BASIC SYSTEMS 10N, 12N, 16P+, 20P Applications for 20-200 lb. airframe Average system weight: 14.5 oz. for 12N
Design: 10, 12, 16 or 20 ft. diameter Cross-X design (Cruciform Non-Spin)
Material: F-111 Nylon low porosity ripstop or Zero-P
Suspension Lines: 9 ft. spectra 725 lb test 1000 lb or swaged cable optional
Stitching: 15 lb. tensile strength nylon thread
Reinforcement Type: 3 1/2" 200 lb test nylon tape stitched to edges Kevlar optional
Total Weight: 12.00 oz. - 10N, 14.50 oz. -12N, 18.20 oz. for 16P+, 5 lbs. - 20P

Descent Rate: 8 - 20 feet/second depending on weight of plane & attach point
Minimum Opening Height: 50 ft. (drogue chute addition allows for faster deployment)
Minimum Opening Time: 3 seconds without ballistics (drogue chute addition allows for faster deployment)
Minimum Opening Speed: 35 mph without ballistic deployment
Maximum Opening Speed: 140 kts
Maximum Vehicle Weight: 55 lbs. for 10N; 130 lbs for 16P+; 200 lbs for 20P+