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Aero Telemetry Corporation is a design & manufacturing company specializing in the implementation of fully integrated UAV systems and related subsystem components for military and commercial applications.

  • Aero Telemetry work areas include:                    
    * Military and Commercial Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV's)
    * Logistics, Support, and Training in all areas of UAV Systems
    * R&D, Design, and Fabrication of UAV's and all related UAV systems, both airborne and ground based
    * Large scale Radio Control Airplanes and systems for Major Hollywood Film Studios and Movie Productions
    * Commercial Aerospace Flight Test Programs
  • Experience and proven capabilities in the design and implementation of:
    * Microwave and SATCOM Video/Voice/Data Uplinks and Downlinks
    * Integrated Flight Qualified Data Acquisition Systems
    * Sub-system Support Products include Antennas, Transmitters, Receivers, Recovery Parachutes, and Complete     
    * Embedded GPS Systems with Ground Station GUI's
  • Key technical personnel have worked together over the past 25 years in systems design, software development, integration and test.


  • Experience in Hardware System Design:
     * Requirements Analysis
     * Design to Production
     * Proof-of-Concept
     * Prototype
     * Production and Manufacturing


  • Experience in Software Development:
    * Algorithm Development
    * Requirements Derivation
    * Design Trade Studies
    * Re-use Libraries
    * Sizing and Timing
    * Documentation


  • Experience in Integration and Test
    * Hardware Design and Development
    * Requirements Traceability
    * Test Tool Development
    * Rapid Prototyping
    * Incremental Testing
    * Pass/Fail Criteria
    * Documentation

Software and Hardware Capabilities

  • On-board instrumentation for avionics data, aircraft systems data, telemetry uplink and downlink,
    and embedded smart controller.

    * Monitor MIL-STD-1553B and ARINC 429 / 629 data bus(es), telemetry data to ground station.
    * Monitor aircraft system parameters (engine, fuel flow, actuators, control surfaces, etc.) to assure optimal operations 
      and for characterization of flight characteristics.
    * Telemetry uplink of commanding data to be transferred to on-board systems and downlink of data collected via
      monitoring systems.
    * Embedded controller for uplink command processing, on-board data collection parameters, etc.
  • Ground-based data collection and reduction facilities; either laboratory resident or portable via pack.
    * Data collection and file creation for post-processing of monitor data.
    * Run-time viewing and graphing of monitor data with min/max values for specifically highlighted parameters.


  • Ground Laboratory system simulation and embedded software development.
    * Simulation of on-board systems to support analysis of collected data, including avionics LRU's, aircraft flight
      parameters, etc.
    * Embedded software development for instrumentation, smart controller, or multi-functional main computer based on
      algorithms and/or specification.


Instrumentation Experience Products

  • Joint Tactical UAV, Outrider, Alliant TechSystems
    * Provided on-board telemetry package forunmanned flight test vehicles, including full color  video telemetry downlink
      system, data acquisition micro-electronics and embedded software. AT-DRV-1000™ telemetry system.
    * Full ground station software with uplink amplifier and antenna.

  • VTOL UAV, U.S. Navy
    * Developed a high data-rate, 40 channel, flight qualified telemetry system for transmission of critical performance
      parameters to ground station computers. AT-DRV-4000™ telemetry system.


  • Hunter UAV, TRW
    * Provided telemetry downlink system for short range unmanned reconnaissance training vehicles. Mil-Std Series™
      telemetry system.


  • High Altitude UAV, Department of Energy/Sandia National Laboratories

       * Developed an airborne voice relay package that features remote frequency control,
          for use in a high altitude UAV. VRS-5900™ repeater system.

  • Recon Helicopter, U.S. Naval Weapons Warfare Center


  • Tactical Missile, U.S. Army Missile Command


  • AT-6 Full Scale Racing Airplane


  • Cornell University
    * Implemented mission critical telemetry downlink system with uplink controller.
    * These fully integrated systems feature complete sensor packages, airborne antennas, transmitters, amplifiers,
       receivers, and ground station software with programmable sensor calibration, GUI, and data logger for the
       telemetry data.


  • Tactical Meteorology (TACMET) Program, Tracor, Inc.
    * Developed and implemented data link system for a vertical drop meteorological sonde launched from an F-16 aircraft.
    * System included RF data uplink and downlink between deployed sonde, aircraft resident electronics pod, and remote
      ground station.
    * Subsystems: amplifier, antennas, and modems.


  • O.N.R., Office of Naval Research
    * Implemented long range Beyond Line of Sight data link for a tactical weather sonde with over 200 nm RF link range.


  • McDonnell Douglas Aircraft
    * Provided system design, development and ground support for a recovery parachute system used during flight testing
      at Edwards Air Force Base. AT-16P+™


  • Payload Drop Aircraft, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories


  • Developed and delivered an emergency recovery parachute to aid in controlling the payload following deployment. AT-15RD™


  • 0.85 Mach Drone Project, Rockwell International - Aircraft Division
    * Developed and delivered a ballistic recovery parachute system to aid in controlling the drone and facilitating
      subsequent recovery. AT-10N™


Software Design and Development Experience

  • Generic Simulation Design/Specification Platforms International Corporation (PIC)
    * Design both hardware and software architecture for a generic simulation to cover all phases of systems engineering,
      mission analysis and system development.
    * Create hardware procurement specification as well as software design specification.
  • B-2 Software Support
    * Support simulation development and 2167 documentation for Northrop-Grumman on the B-2 program
  • F-5 Upgrade Program
    * Formal qualification testing for OFP (weapon delivery mission computer and display processor) and integration with
      complete avionics system, both dynamic and static.

  • F-16 IFAST Support
    * Laboratory simulation, tools, and maintenance developed in C for Silicon Graphics platform
  • Embraer (Brazil)

  • Government of India
    * Avionics Consulting
    * Laboratory design and implementation
    * Avionics system conceptual design


  • P3 Upgrade (KHI, China Lake Naval Weapons Center)


  • Rocketdyne Space Station
    * MIL-STD-1553B interface support, drive and application software, porting and rehosting


  • New Millennium, Deep-Space #1 (DS-1)


  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
    * Providing Mil-STD-1553B data bus expertisefor system engineering, simulation, modeling, and integration/test.
     * Knowledge acquisition and simulation modeling of line replaceable units (LRU) for DS-1 implementation
    * Simulation architecture, infra-structure develoopment, integration and testing of simulation for use with flight software
      (FSW) integration and test.


  • PANOCK (EO-1)
    * Precision Autonomous Navigation and Orbit Control Kit
    * Multi-satellite implementation of GBS simulation, C embedded software developoment, program management.


  • SSTI Program
    * Kalman Filter for Orbit Maintenance (15,000 Ada LOC) resident in RH300 32 bit processor


  • Technology for Autonomous Orbit Support (TAOS) Program/Step Mission O
    * MANS (25,000 Ada LOC) GVSC resident OFP on Honeywell MIL-STD-1750A, as well as on-orbit support of OFP
    * MANS Ground Based Simulator (GBS) (85,000 Ada LOC) on VAX 3400 3500
    * MSTI Scout
    * MIL-STD-1750 Ada kernel extensions and embedded test software
    * OFP IV & V, methodology review and evaluation


  • We have over 40 years experience as an Air Force approved depot repair facility and the
    reputation for providing quality overhaul and repair work on avionics systems and components
    for commercial and military aircraft.


  • Experience in ground, airborne, fixed and land mobile radios. Qualified to repair: Motorola, Rockwell-Collins, Magnavox and Loral Terracom Communications Systems.


  • TACAN, ARN, VOR, ADF, LORAN and DME Navigation Systems.


  • Bendix-Allied Signal, Sperry and Collins Automatic Flight Control Systems


  • Teledyne Stability Augmentation Systems


  • Westinghouse APG-66 and APG-68 fire control radar systems applicable to F-16 aircraft.


  • F-5, F-16, C-130, T-38, DC-10, and MD-11 Aircraft Experience.


  • Quality Rating: Qualified MIL-I-45208A, MIL-Q-9858A, and ISO 9001 Compliant


  • FAA License: PW3R778L Approved Repair Facility


  • Radio Class I, II, III and Instrument Class II, III.


  • Department of Defense facility cage code and security clearance to Secret level.


  • Facility is modern free standing structure with office and electronic and ESD workstation improvements. Complete with temperature control, fire sprinklers and monitored alarm.


  • Our testing lab includes standard test equipment as well as custom equipment necessary to meet operational standards. Here is a partial list of some of the fully calibrated test equipment in our laboratory:
    * HP 8720B Digital Network Analyzer
    * HP 8562A Digital Spectrum Analyzer
    * HP 8565A Spectrum Analyzer
    * HP 8350B Sweep Oscillator
    * HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter