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Wright R-3350 Radial Engine Run

This vintage aircraft engine is from a Howard Hughes owned Lockheed Constellation. It was removed from the plane in the 1960's and stored at a museum. This video captures the first start of this 3500HP engine after more than 50 years.

Completed in 2007 by Aero Telemetry this engine, a rare dash 93B version of one of the most powerful radial engines ever produced, represents one of the last running survivors from a bygone era of piston engine commercial airplanes.

This is the first video of the "Engine Run Series" by Aero Telemetry and features several start-ups of this engine and other 3350 engines. A propeller pitch failure caused the first run of the famous engine to be cut short.

Stay tuned for the follow-up runs of the famous R3350 engine!